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I have heard a lot about my parents as kids, and my grandparents as parents. This is what I have heard, my mom was a quiet little kid but very imaginative she was happy and outgoing. My mom was the youngest of 3, she was born in 1976. As my mom grew older, about my age she became rebellious. Not a major rebel, more like “I’m not going to make my bed because I’m just going to sleep in it again” rebellious.

Now my dad, he was a cowboy, the popular hot guy that all of the girls liked. He played on the football team and had parties every Friday night. Of course his parents were there. He lived on a ranch house in which he had many horses, cows and pigs. He lived on Morgan Territory road, in Clayton California. and after he went to the army, his dad and mom moved.

That’s all I really know about my mom and dad, thanks for reading!


Grandpa Pat in the army  -Grandpa Pat heading to the army

FB_IMG_1445450855199  _Grandpa Pat and Grandma Henry

FB_IMG_1445450826762 -Dad


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  1. Hi Hannah,

    Congratulations on completing Challenge #3. I enjoyed learning a little about your family and seeing the images included in your post. Part of this Challenge is learning about permission to use images. Even though these are your own images, I was wondering if you had permission to use them? If so, one way to inform your audience of this is to say something like, “Image used with permission”. Would that work for you?

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe
    Teacher, USA

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