Chapter 4 WP 10

May 3

As I awake, I see the bright and shining sun in my eyes. I slept in a tent, in the woods across from a little village town. “Well time to see this village town” I say to myself sighing. I gather my things, and get onto my horse. We ride into the small town, it was something from the 1800’s, no cars just horses.

I ride through the small, I see a little old lady struggling with her groceries, I get off my horse and go to the lady. “Here let me help” I grab some of her bags and help her to her house. “You know, that horse is gooing to die soon” she says. “What do you mean” I ask. “She needs to eat” She then says, she gives me a bag of apples. “Thank you” I say then smile. I get back onto my horse, and we ride to the nearest place to stay.

“Wow there’s stables and a place to stay, just what we need.” Then right when I put my horse in the stables, I hear shots, then I fall to the ground.

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