Ch 5 WP 12 Awake

I see a bright and shining light come shining down unto me. It comes down unto me, until I am in a train station, people are walking it is happy, and beautiful. As I turn around, I see people screaming behind a glass barrier. A red tunnel, going down to hell. “I’m in heaven, this is a barrier seperating the path from heaven to hell, I get to go to heaven!” I put my hand on the barrier, it’s hot like molten lava but doesn’t look like lava. As I look at the tunnel of hell, I see a tall man he has an evil look in his eye. As I look at him, he looks back at me we hook eyes, for the first time in my life I feel actual fear and terror. The tunnel of hell has people weeping, and crying, pleading to get a second chance. But I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t feel sad for them, or depressed, I could only feel happiness. As I turn around, I see a woman, she is so sweet and so kind, all you get from her is a good essence. Her name was Angelina, she had beautiful long brown hair, she was tall, and was an angel. She says to me, “Come, and follow me, I am your guardian angel” I do as she says and follow her. She leads me through a door, and says to me “You will be led through a challenge of greed, selfishness, fame, and a challenging choice, if you choose the right path, you will go to heaven, I have faith in you.”  She shuts the door, and suddenly see Harrison, sitting on the ground crying, and in the other tunnel I see a boy I liked named Billy Joe I liked him so much. I ran towards Harrison saying what’s wrong, then she disappears and I am at the next level. I see a tour bus and fans in one tunnel, and I see a homeless man in the other who is begging for money. I go to the homeless man, and give money but he disappears then I am faced with a harder challenge. 



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